Topic: Agile

Launch: 16/09/2019

Are you ready?

This year the first Agile Virtual Coach in the world arrives to your company to accompany your employees in their day-to-day routine.

An Agile Coach with whom you can discover and experience the main barriers that are found in your day-to-day to be agile, for employees and your organization. In addition, if your organization is interested in adopting specific methodologies, your Agile Coach will recommend which of them will work best for your projects.

Soon with Agile, your organization will be able to consult, at any time, those issues that help you surround yourself with teams and agile projects, to successfully face the digital transformation of the company.

Meanwhile, follow the hashtag #AiwinAgile in your favorite social network if you want to see articles and news related to agility in the company.


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