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Technology and security protocols that companies implement today, protect organizations from an information security point of view. Most of the attacks that prosper are caused by ignorance and cyberattacks on employees. Is your company and are your leaders and their teams prepared for the threats of the digital environment?

“Efficient and direct, the future of awareness”.

Antonio Antúnez. Bergé.

The next threat depends on you…

70% of cyberattacks and security breaches for espionaje or sabotaje of companies and organizations around the world depend on their employees.

Are you ready for the biggest known cyberattack?

Firewall is a fictional story inspired by real events in which you will make decisions and experience their impact to uncover the largest international network of cyber criminals, known as RHO.

An inspiring story based on real events

What starts out as an apparently normal day, will end up becoming the greatest interactive adventure to protect your organization and discover the network of hackers that are trying to sabotage the main companies in the world causing the next international economic collapse.

Embark on a secret mission to Russia, the heart of cybercrime, to stop the greatest attack in history.

Firewall Log

Will you be able to protect the world from RHO?

RHO is a worldwide group of hackers who unite freely to work together, performing attacks and industrial espionage, gathering sensitive information in companies and organizations, both private and governmental.

With Firewall, not only the future of your organization will depend on your day to day actions. You are about to live the greatest interactive story based on real events to protect the world from RHO.

Explore Firewall’s universe in social networks

Find articles, news and reports on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #AiwinFirewall about cybersecurity, social engineering and the main types of attacks your company is facing today.


“With Aiwin your success is their success”.

Jose Miguel Martínez. AbbVie.


With Firewall you will experience…

  • Why is cybersecurity important?
  • What are the main objectives of cybercrime?
  • What psychological factors do hackers use?
  • What channels do hackers use to enter organizations?
  • What are the most common and modern types of attacks?
  • How can i protect my home while working from home?
  • What results does cybersecurity generate for organizations?

What does Firewall include?

  • Access to Firewall.
  • Articles, reports and reviews on cybersecurity.
  • Accompaniment for the program launch.
  • Firewall communication campaign.
  • Catalog of awards and rewards at Aiwin Store.
  • Access reports and analytics of the state of your organization to anticipate your next cyber attacks.

Discover the official Firewall store

Now in Aiwin Store, find the official Firewall merchandise, with clothes and accessories of the main actors of the story.

For you or for your organization, for the launch of the video games or to communicate cybersecurity day.

With Aiwin Store, offer prizes and rewards for the best, or simply experience cybersecurity like you have never experienced before.

“Learning by playing is a great way to deal with everyday situations”.

Juan Ignacio Moreno. Grupo Lactalis.

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