«Efficient and direct, the future of awareness».

Antonio Antúnez. Bergé.

What is Aiwin Firewall?

Protect your organization from digital threats

Aiwin Firewall is the cybersecurity awareness and training solution, in video game format, where your employees will face all kinds of attacks and learn strategies to avoid them, while solving an exciting cinematic fiction story.

With Aiwin Firewall your employees will become aware of the importance of their daily behavior as a method to protect your company’s information.

«Spectacular, a must-do practical cybersecurity exercise for many companies».

Francisco Pastor. JCDecaux.

What are you going to find?

An interactive adventure to stop the biggest cyber-attack in history

What starts as a seemingly normal day in an ordinary company will turn into a spectacular interactive adventure. The goal will be to stop the cybercriminal network RHO from sabotaging the world’s leading companies in order to provoke the next international economic collapse.

What is the learning process based on?

The most exciting methodology in the world

Aiwin Firewall is an interactive digital entertainment solution that drives learning through experimentation to learn how to protect yourself from cybercrime.

Your employees will be the protagonists in a cinematic universe divided into interactive chapters combined with video game techniques. They will experience the impact of their daily behaviors on the security of your organization.

Firewall Log
What are the contents?

The latest generation of cyber-attacks in the company

Aiwin Firewall develops and teaches key behaviors such as: «think before you click», «don’t share information», «protect your technology» and «report if you suspect».

In this way, you will be able to deal with the latest generation of cyber-attacks that are occurring in organizations: phishing, smishing, pretexting, tailgating, baiting, scareware, ransomware, and insider attacks, among others.

What can you analyze?

Detects vulnerabilities, predicts the next attack

When users interact with Aiwin Firewall, the platform logs all the decisions they have made, allowing us to aggregate information and find patterns about what could be the main vulnerabilities of your organization or user segments, categorizing around the main behaviors and hacking techniques.

What is being said in the media?

«Learning by playing is a great way to tackle everyday life situations».

Juan Ignacio Moreno. Grupo Lactalis.

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