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What is Full Motion Video?

Full Motion Video or FMV is a technique of the video game world that consists of using real image sequences instead of computer-generated models to narrate interactive stories.

The combination of these sequences with game mechanics allows the generation of immersive, highly participative digital experiences, where reality and fiction can be confused, generating learning and entertainment environments for any type of audience.

What is Aiwin FMV Engine?

Aiwin FMV Engine is the most used platform worldwide for the development of behaviors in organizations.

In recent years Aiwin FMV Engine has generated evidence with which this technique demonstrates the development of necessary or desired behaviors in users in very diverse fields.

With more than 20,000,000 interactions in areas such as customer experience, cybersecurity, leadership or health, Aiwin FMV Engine has allowed converting behaviors into habits in more than 200,000 players around the world for all types of companies through different formats and stories.

The most complete interactive content engine in the world

Dynamically changing stories

Aiwin FMV Engine allows you to tell stories whose end is not yet written. The user can change the course of events according to their decisions, altering the story, experiencing the impact of their choices.

A type of experience for every need

Aiwin FMV Engine adapts to the needs and habits of content consumption of all types of organizations with different types of experiences: from virtual characters that live on your mobile, to exciting interactive stories.

We recreate artificial life

Aiwin FMV Engine allows you to create virtual characters that simulate human behavior through configuration variables with which you can define interactions and their impact on user decisions.

Game mechanics that activate behaviors

Aiwin FMV Engine allows you to combine real image sequences with game components to create mechanical originals that turn content consumption and behavior development into unique interactive experiences.

From anywhere, from any device

From your workplace, at the subway stop, at the airport, at home with your family, connect from anywhere and any device.

Behavior analytics

Aiwin FMV Engine monitors every user interaction with content and platform to convert data into useful information for your organization in any field.

The most secure platform

Aiwin FMV Engine has passed the most demanding penetration and ethical hacking tests because it understands the importance of cybersecurity for your organization.

More than 200,000 players have used our engine

Some companies that use our FMV Engine

Leroy Merlin