The first cybersecurity event where you will be the protagonist

Computer Security Day and Cyber Monday

Infinite is a global event that will merge game, fiction and reality in which you will learn how to protect your business, your home and your privacy with the help of the best speakers in the world.

Infinite will use technologies used in film, streaming video platforms and Full Motion Video games, to create a truly interactive show that will forever change the way you understand cybersecurity and where you will be able to apply your new knowledge from the next day.

The contents will be available in English and Spanish with subtitles to your language.



Kevin Mitnick


One of FBI’s most wanted hackers, famous for hacking into 40 major companies in the 1980s. Now Kevin is trusted and helps businesses and governments.

Jessica Barker


Global leader in the human side of cybersecurity. Named as one of the top 20 most influential women in cybersecurity and a CNN collaborator.

David Kennedy


David is an authority on cybersecurity whose mission is to drive the industry forward. He has testified before the US Congress on national security issues.

Jamie Woodruff


Jamie entered the public eye and became one of the world leaders in cybersecurity when he hacked Facebook. Cyber Smile Foundation, specialized in online cyberbullying.


COO of Aiwin & Infinite Director, where we are creating the most advanced platform for the design and deployment of videogames.

Antonio Fernandes


Hacker and bug hunter, with public recognition by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber among other large corporations and governments.

Rosanna Kurrer


Rosanna is leading the expansion of a non-profit platform whose goal is to increase the diversity of cybersecurity professional profiles.

Maria José Santos


Cybersecurity lawyer with broad experience advising companies and public bodies in technology law. Coordinator of the Legal Department of INCIBE.



Hellaven is a composer and DJ of electronic music, and he combines his passion with the world of entrepreneurship and growth hacking.



Gamification World Congress co-founder, CEO of Aiwin and Infinite Producer. Currently working with the best team in the world to improve cybersecurity through video games.

Infinite Prizes

Have fun, compete, $10,000 in prizes

At Infinite you will not only learn about cybersecurity through a digital and interactive show, you will also compete for a place among the best to win one of these prizes.

  • 1 Amazon $5,000 gift card.
  • 1 Amazon $2,000 gift card.
  • 1 Amazon $1,000 gift card.
  • 50 Infinite shop $50 gift cards.

Get certified in one of the most demanded topics of the moment

Participate in Infinite next November 30th, overcome all missions, talks, stop the biggest cyber attack in history and show the world that you are someone important in cybersecurity with your Infinite Certificate signed by the CNEC (only with Infinite Fun&Learn Pass).

Infinite Certificate
Inifinite Party

Participate in the biggest event on the internet on the occasion of Computer Security Day

November 30 is known as Computer Security Day and for this occasion we have managed to bring together the world’s cybersecurity leaders.

The Infinite party is a global party where the awards and certificate ceremony, will take place as part of the program. In the party players will be able to talk to each other and experience networking and team building with people from around the world.

Corporate Infinite Pass

In addition, if you are a company and want to invite your employees or clients to this unique experience, you can obtain the Corporate Infinite Pass by purchasing 50 Infinite Fun&Learn Pass that will give you access to:

  • Personalized access page with the possibility of uploading a welcome video at the beginning of the event.
  • Your company logo will be visible to all your guests at all times as if it were your own event.
  • Mention and thanks to your company by the commentators during the event.
  • Participation report and vulnerability prediction on your guests.

If you are interested in the Infinite Corporate Pass please email us at We will help your company be part of this great event with maximum visibility.

Infinite Agenda

Doors will open at 5:30PM (CEST) on Monday, November 30th.
Check your time zone for CEST time use.
Reference times are given below for some cities.

Los Angeles 7.30 am | Mexico DF 9.30 am | New York 10.30 am | Toronto 10.30 am | Bogota 10.30 am | Miami 10.30 am
Lima 10.30 am | Santiago de Chile 12.30 pm | Buenos Aires 12.30 pm | Sao Paulo 12.30 pm | Londres 3.30 pm | Madrid 4.30 pm

  • 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm (CEST)
    Door opening: Infinite Radio
  • 6:00 pm – 6:03 pm
    It’s happening: Turn on the TV
  • 6:03 pm – 6:08 pm
    A morning like any other: Get ready
  • 6:08 pm – 6:18 pm
    Sophia: Meet Sophia
  • 6:18 pm – 6:25 pm
    Rosanna Kurrer: Cybersecurity, beyond technology
  • 6:25 pm – 6:34 pm
    Secrets: Find out what’s going on
  • 6:34 pm – 6:41 pm
    Jessica Barker: Hacking your emotions
  • 6:41 pm – 6:47 pm
    USB: Find the USB
  • 6:47 pm – 6:54 pm
    David Kennedy: Remote working, your home is the objective
  • 6:54 pm – 7:05 pm
    RHO: Explore the Deep Web
  • 7:05 pm – 7:12 pm
    Antonio Fernandes: They are not hackers, they are organizations
  • 7:12 pm – 7:19 pm
    Moscow: Find Barbara
  • 7:19 pm – 7:26 pm
    Jamie Woodruff: Hacking our privacy
  • 7:26 pm – 7:35 pm
    Chase: Arrive at the Congress
  • 7:35 pm – 7:42 pm
    Maria José Santos: How an error can ruin your business
  • 7:42 pm – 7:50 pm
    Suspicions: Rest
  • 7:50 pm – 7:57 pm
    Kevin Mitnick: In the mind of the hacker
  • 7:57 pm – 8:00 pm
    You are Firewall: Catch RHO
  • 8:00 pm – 8:10 pm
    Infinite Party: Awards Ceremony
  • 8:10 pm – 8:45 pm
    Infinite Party: Deejays, raffles, chats & networking

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Infinite. If you have any other question please feel free to write us at

What is Infinite?

Infinite is a global event that will merge game, fiction and reality in which you will learn how to protect your business, your home and your privacy with the help of the best speakers in the world.

Infinite will use the technologies used in film, streaming video platforms and Full Motion Video games to create a truly interactive show that will change your understanding of cybersecurity forever and allow you to apply your new knowledge from day one.

Why shouldn’t I miss Infinite?

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this unique event.

  • You’ll learn what you need to do to protect your company, your home and your privacy from digital threats.
  • You will be able to apply your cybersecurity knowledge from the very next day.
  • You will discover cybersecurity with the help of the world’s leading experts.
  • We will certify you in one of the most demanded topics of the moment.
  • You will have fun and you will be able to win prizes.
  • You will meet people, get in touch with them and experience team building.
  • You will participate in the biggest event of the Network on the occasion of Computer Security Day.
Who is it aimed at?

It is aimed at anyone interested in discovering and learning about the threats of the digital environment and cybersecurity to protect their company, their home or their privacy.

Learn how large companies do it with the help of the best speakers in the world.

No previous knowledge is required.

When will Infinite take place?

Infinite will take place only once, on November 30, at 5PM (CEST) Doors will open at 4.30PM (CEST).

As this is a global event where people from all over the world will be joining, be sure to check your time zone for CEST time.

Below you will find the opening time for some reference cities: Los Angeles 7.30 am, Mexico City 9.30 am, New York 10.30 am, Toronto 10.30 am, Bogota 10.30 am, Miami 10.30 am, Lima 10.30 am, Santiago de Chile 12.30 pm, Buenos Aires 12.30 pm, Sao Paulo 12.30 pm, London 3.30 pm, Madrid 4.30 pm.

How long will Infinite last?

Infinite will last two and a half hours, where thousands of players will face an interactive story with the help of the speakers, in order to access prizes and the Infinite Party.

When the event is over the content will be available for 14 days with the Infinite Fun&Learn Pass.

What is Infinite?

Infinite is an interactive fictional event with world-renowned speakers with chapters and talks that will last between 5 and 10 minutes. You will have to make decisions that will have an impact on the event.

When you make decisions you will get more or less points depending on your answers and the reflexes you have had while playing (the time you have taken to make a decision or answer a question).

Each chapter may have a number of shields available (lives). There are decisions or wrong answers that will cause you to lose lives. If you lose all the lives in a chapter, you will have to start over.

The decisions will assign you a variable number of points depending on the impact they have on cybersecurity in the fiction and the use of the information provided by the speakers.

How can I win prizes?

The three people that score the most points on November 30th at 7.00PM (CEST) will win the main prizes:

  • 1 First Prize: Amazon gift card with $5.000 for the first position in the ranking at 7.00 PM (CEST).
  • 1 Second Prize: Amazon gift card with $2.000 for the second position in the ranking at 7.00 pm (CEST).
  • 1 Third Prize: Amazon gift card with $1.000 for the third position in the ranking at 7.00 pm (CEST).
  • 50 Infinite Shop $50 gift cards to be raffled among all attendees to redeem for official and exclusive event merchandising.

After that day and time, users will be able to continue improving their score but it will not be valid to access the three main prizes and the contests.

In what language will the event take place?

The contents will be available in English and Spanish and there will be talks in both languages. For a more immerse experience, we will respect the original language of the speaker but you will be able to activate the subtitles in English or in Spanish.

Can I celebrate Computer Security Day at Infinite?

We have prepared the Corporate Infinite Pass, with which you can buy a minimum number of tickets for your employees or customers, and have your company logo displayed. You can welcome them with a video that you send us, receive a report of participation and the status of cybersecurity in your company, and be mentioned on the website and by commentators as a partner in the event.

From what devices will I be able to access?

The platform on which Infinite will run is web responsive compatible with most modern browsers, so you can follow it from your mobile, your tablet, your computer or your TV.

In any case for a better experience of the game and a better participation to obtain the prizes, we recommend to use a computer with a headset.

A few days before the event, we will give you access to the platform where we will help you test and configure everything for when Infinite arrives.

What is the ticket return policy?

Up to 24 hours before the date and time of the event you can request the cancellation and refund of your tickets.

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