Topic: Unconscious biases

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Cognitive biases are a psychological phenomenon of the human mind, mainly unconscious and difficult to eliminate, leading to a distortion of reality. Precisely, these unconscious biases are one of the main obstacles to the generation of diverse and inclusive cultures, products and services in the company. Change this with SHE.


“A big step toward creating a more diverse and inclusive environment in CEPSA”.

María de Santos. CEPSA.

Discover your biases, decide your destiny

Every day we make about 17,500 decisions during working hours, but only 32 of them are conscious.

Will you be able to finish the development of SHE in time?

SHE is an artificial intelligence that aims to make informed and objective decisions thanks to you.

Face the consequences of your own decisions in your professional and personal life, in a universe where diversity and inclusion will be key to achieving the project’s objectives.

An interactive story inspired by real events

With SHE you will live moments and make decisions that will have an impact on your life, your professional development, and the generation of a diverse and inclusive culture.

Discover an international project between Europe and United States, through more than 100 decisions divided into 8 levels, and the consequences of each of them.

Compete against time and against other players to show that you can take SHE where your company and society need it.

Can algorithms have consciousness?

In a world where digital transformation is part of companies agendas, experts from around the world work to bring awareness to the algorithms that surround us.

With SHE, you will be one of those people.

Discover the article “What is consciousness, and could machines have it?” on which the protagonist’s research and development is based.

Explore the SHE’s universe on social networks

Find articles, news and reports on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #AiwinSHE, on diversity, inclusion and unconscious biases, as well as their relationship with your professional development in a business environment.


“Now, before we make an important decision, we think about whether or not it could be biased”.

Silvia Lázaro. Ferrovial.

How can SHE be deployed in your organization?

  • Massively raise awareness and train your employees in mastering their unconscious biases for the creation of inclusive cultures, processes, products and services.
  • Organize streaming workshops to deepen knowledge in diversity and inclusion for meetings or conventions of managers and middle-level management.
  • Celebrate your organization’s diversity day, week, or month, as well as raising awareness on key days such as Gay Pride Day or Working Women’s Day.

With SHE you will experience…

  • What are unconscious biases?
  • How can I identify my own biases?
  • How do biases influence decision making?
  • How can I select and develop diverse teams?
  • How to make the most of diversity to generate results?
  • What impact does diversity and inclusion have on projects?
  • What results does diversity generate in organizations?

What does SHE include?

  • Access to SHE.
  • Articles, reports and reviews on diversity, inclusion and biases.
  • Accompaniment for the program launch.
  • SHE communication campaign.
  • Catalog of awards and rewards at Aiwin Store.
  • Reports of access and analytics of the state of your organization in unconscious biases, diversity and inclusion.

Discover SHE’s official store

Now in Aiwin Store you will find SHE’s official merchandising where you will be able to purchase the main character’s clothes and accessories.

For you or your organization, to launch the video game, to communicate working women’s day, gay pride or diversity awareness month.

With Aiwin Store you will be able to offer prizes and rewards to the best players, or simply live diversity like never before.

Aiwin Store

“Learning by playing is a great way to deal with situations of everyday life”.

Juan Ignacio Moreno. Grupo Lactalis.

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