«A major step on our path to diversity and inclusion.»

María de Santos. CEPSA.

What is SHE?

Create digital cultures, processes, services and products free of any biases

SHE is the unconscious biases awareness and training solution, in video game format, where your employees will face decisions while solving an exciting fictional movie story.

With SHE, your employees will rethink the decisions they make and this will have an impact on their lives, their professional development and on the generation of digital cultures, processes, services and products that are free from biases.

«A great way to learn how to accelerate cultural change in the company».

Ángel Rodrigo. Vodafone.

What are you going to find?

An interactive story inspired by real events

In a world where digitalization is part of companies’ agendas, experts from around the world are working to bring awareness to the algorithms that surround us. SHE is an artificial intelligence that aims to make conscious and objective decisions thanks to you.

Will you be able to finish the development of SHE in time and free her from the dominance of your biases?

What is the learning process based on?

The most exciting methodology in the world

SHE is an interactive digital entertainment experience that drives learning through experimentation to prevent your organization from falling into the realm of unconscious biases.

Your employees will be the protagonists in a cinematic universe divided into interactive chapters combined with video game techniques. They will experience the impact of their behaviors and unconscious biases on their daily lives.

What are the contents?

Discover your biases, determine your destiny

SHE develops and teaches key behaviors such as: «don’t filter information», «don’t assume», «take your time» and «your memory is limited».

In this way, you will be able to deal with the most common unconscious biases in organizations: the halo effect, illusory correlation, the bandwagon effect, pessimism, projection, egocentrism, stereotyping or an appeal to probability, among others.

What can you analyze?

Diagnose the influence of unconscious biases in your organization

When users interact with SHE, the platform records all the decisions they have made, allowing us to aggregate information about the state of your organization regarding the domain of unconscious biases and the main barriers to the generation of diverse and inclusive cultures, processes, products and services in the company.

What is being said about SHE in the media?

«SHE will support us on the road to building a better future».

Cristina Cano. EDPR.

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